phase1 [fāz]
[ModL phasis < Gr < phainesthai, to appear, akin to phainein: see FANTASY]
1. any of the recurrent stages of variation in the illumination and apparent shape of a moon or a planet
2. any of the stages or forms in any series or cycle of changes, as in development
3. any of the ways in which something may be observed, considered, or presented; aspect; side; part [a problem with many phases]
4. Chem. a solid, liquid, or gaseous homogeneous form existing as a distinct part in a heterogeneous system [ice is a phase of H2O]
5. Physics the fractional part of a cycle through which an oscillation, as of light or sound waves, has advanced, measured from an arbitrary starting point
6. Zool. any of the characteristic variations in color of the skin, fur, plumage, etc. of an animal, according to season, age, etc.
phased, phasing
1. to plan, introduce, or carry out in phases, or stages: often with in or into
2. to put in phase
to move by phases
out of phase or in phase
in (or not in) a state of exactly parallel movements, oscillations, etc.; in (or not in) synchronization
☆ phase out
to bring or come to an end, or withdraw from use, by stages
phasic [fā′zik]
SYN.- PHASE1 applies to any of the ways in which something may be observed, considered, or presented, and often refers to a stage in development or in a cycle of changes [the phases of the moon ]; ASPECT emphasizes the appearance of a thing as seen or considered from a particular point of view [to consider a problem from all aspects]; FACET literally or figuratively applies to any of the faces of a many-sided thing [the facets of a diamond, a personality, etc. ]; ANGLE1 suggests a specific aspect seen from a point of view sharply limited in scope, or, sometimes, an aspect seen only by a sharply acute observer [he knows all the angles]
☆ phase2 [fāz ]
phased, phasing
disputed sp. of FAZE

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(as of the moon or a planet), ,

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